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Anssi Rantanen
38h 55min route "VELOCE"
Midnight sun gravel
Midnight sun gravel
Jun 23, 2020, 9:00 AM GMT+3
Hammarskjöldintie, 00250 Helsinki, Finland
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646 km

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7276 mt



AtoB midnight sun gravel.png


607 km

Climb midnight sun gravel.png


6740 m

We offer the unique opportunity to explore the paradise of forest and gravel roads of Finland.

We have specially selected and traced the route that will guide you across the best bicycle escape routes.

This is not a race, choose your pace and enjoy the landscape; challenge yourself and meet friends.

There is no support from the organizer and no time limit it is only you and your bike.

The Start is from Helsinki near by the historical Olympic stadium and the public swimming pool.

To best enter the atmosphere of riding in Finland we recommend to take early morning swim and a Sauna with the locals before the start (Uimastadion Link).


Only 700 meters down the hill and you will be crossing the the new bicycle bridge "the gate" to the gravel paradise, from this moment it will be you, the dust and the mud.


The Nuuksio national park landscape will "be your best friend" for the first 100km (Nuuksio link).

Be prepared to face some singletrack path. Lightweight packing and the use of soft bags are very much recommended; choose the best gear you are comfortable with from your experience.

We advice tires above 30 mm.; you can chat with us any moment if this is your first adventure and you need advice for the minimum gear required.

This is unsupported bike adventure so you need to carry your on gear and equipment.

GPS device is mandatory to follow the route.  You can decide where & when to stop to eat and where & when (and if) to stop to sleep. Absolute freedom of choice.

keep in mind that shops are very few and far between so planning ahead and adapting to the local environment is essential.


You will find on the road occasionally wooden shelters and grilling spots. Visit

Respect the nature and the hikers when you meet them on the route.

After Nuuksio the landscape will change; you will have to cross the civilisation for a while again and then you will enter the south rural area, characterised by farms, forests and occasionally lakes.

Spinning on gravel will be the main riding style for this section; consider up and downs but not big mountain climbs. 

The perpetual light of the midnight sun will be on your side and provide total freedom to your cycling schedule. Consider carrying light equipment anyway for the forest passage when the sun is just above the horizon.

I will not tell more of the rest of the route and I will let you discover it.

NEW: This year we have decided to offer two route options:

  1. VELOCE - Pure gravel ideal if you like "Strade bianche" and speed (Perfect if you ride non stop)

  2. EXPLORER  - Include archipelago and one long single track section (Minimun recommended  40mm tires or fat bike)

*Fat bikes and e-bikes are also very welcome to the event 


One important aspect to consider: if you choose to ride the "EXPLORER ROUTE" you will be crossing the area called Saaristonrengastie (LINK); this is beautiful bike route from one island to an other. Consider and keep in mind the ferry schedule, deeper you go in the archipelago and slimmer it gets the ferry  frequency; Ferry schedule (LINK). 


Remember the Archipelago will be a very different landscape to explore.

After that... more single track...., more gravel and finally a visit to the former capital of Finland, Turku.


Turku is well connected, once you reach the finish line you can travel any where you want back home or to your new adventure by plane, train, bus or ferry.

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