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Original Midnight sun Gravel routes

Choose your riding style



1070 km

AtoB midnight sun gravel.png


+8551 mt

Climb midnight sun gravel.png



Asphalt midnight sun gravel.png



GRAVEL mid night sun.png


690 km

AtoB midnight sun gravel.png


+5037 mt

Climb midnight sun gravel.png



Asphalt midnight sun gravel.png



GRAVEL mid night sun.png

A free Benefit for riders of edition 2024
Ride with GPS available with premium features during Midnight sun Gravel

Ethics and safety

Midnight sun gravel - Basic Rules

  1. You are riding at your own risk and you are responsible for your actions and decisions

  2. You must have your own Insurance, Helmet, reflective elements and/or lights gears

  3. Riders must know and follow Finnish traffic rules

  4. Respect the people and prioritise the safety of others

  5. There is no support from the organizer

  6. No time limit it is only you and your bike, carry the gear you think you need

  7. This is not a race but remember that any form of doping is a criminal act

  8. Give time for your body to rest and observe and respect the nature around you

  9. You and your muscle should move your bicycle forward (beside the ferries along the route), E-BIKES ARE ALSO WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE

  10. Follow the given route from Start to Finish line without taking short cuts

Process of tracing and monitoring the route

Tracing the route

Midnight sun gravel

We ride with bicycle every single km of the route in different seasons, sometimes in different sessions and sometimes all together when time allows.

The routes are developed combining various platforms. We test navigation with Strava app, Ride with GPS and with Garmin devices.

We tried also to upload the GPX in varius platforms to see how they behave; we discovered that some systems effects the route course due to in-build algorithms. Occasionally this happens also when selecting "maintaining original route" during importing of GPX (komoot issue)

The GPX we are providing to you is clearly tested and I can guarantee 100% accuracy

PS. Forestry activity sometimes affects the routes and force us to perform changes during the year before the start

You will be crossing occasionally private property; this is an unsupported ride done individually (Not a race) and for this reason, be respect-full and enjoy the unique privilege of Everyman's right

Winter test

All riding styles are welcome including E-bikes

Riding style

Midnight sun gravel

"Rider ultralight"

Only one pair of underpants  - Route Veloce






If you are planning to stop sleeping every now and then  - Route Veloce and Explorer

"Full Comfort"

You have all you need  - Route Veloce and Explorer

"On tour"

While traveling around the world you take a short Midnight sun Gravel "intermezzo" - Explorer

ultra light rider.png
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